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Stay up to date on the Campaign for Saratoga 250 and related partners contributions to the historic commemoration of the Battles of Saratoga and related assets. See the latest coverage related to the commemorations by America’s Turning Point, our partners, and others.

Battles of Saratoga: America's Turning Point (1777-2027)

Informational session discusses Saratoga’s role in American Revolution

“Why is the 250th such a great time to be able to tell this story?” Roberts said. “...I think there were a lot of good things that were done during the bicentennial, and I think it shows that we have a stage here, a national or international stage, to tell our story. And the story isn’t just a military story. It’s a political story. It’s a cultural story. It’s the story of the women and children marching with the army. It’s the story of the Loyalists that were in Saratoga County. It’s the story of all of the German soldiers that were part of the Brunswickers that were part of Burgoyne army, the Native Voices that maybe we haven’t heard yet.”


Reliving History Through Augmented Reality

by Alex Portal, The Post-Star, January 18, 2024 - What better way to explore and learn about the region's revolutionary history than through stories told by the men and women who were there when it happened?

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Saratoga 250 Events

Explore a variety of educational, entertainment, and cultural events that celebrate the people and contributions of Saratoga as America's Turning Point in the Revolutionary War. Join us & partners to learn about the pivotal moments that shaped our community, our nation, and our ongoing prosperity. From historical reenactments to lively discussions with noted experts, there's something for everyone to enjoy and appreciate.

Upcoming Events
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11th Annual Conference of the American Revolution

The Virginia Crossings Hotel & Conference Center

The Premier Conference on the American Revolution in Richmond, VA. Organized by Saratoga 250 Commissioner, Bruce Venter, features award-winning experts and heritage enthusiasts from across the country and world. Saratoga 250 Commission Chair, Lauren Roberts, will be exhibiting about Saratoga, America's Turning Point.

Battles of Saratoga: America's Turning Point (1777-2027)
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National Historic Marker Day Volunteer Clean Up


Annual national commemorative day to clean and beautify the historic markers commemorating our heritage. Opportunity for youth, senior, corporate, or other volunteers to preserve local American Revolution era signage & markers.

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Patriot Burial Marker Unveiling with DAR/SAR


With thanks to the generosity of the William G. Pomeroy Foundation, area Sons of the American Revolution, Daughters of the American Revolution, & support of the Saratoga 250 Commission, 3 new markers will be unveiled honoring local patriots of the Revolution. Markers denote these brave soldiers' burial sites across Saratoga County communities.

Painted portrait of a baroness woman
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3rd Annual Women in War Symposium

Old Saratoga American Legion Post

The 3rd Annual Women in War Symposium returns to Saratoga County in 2024. Featuring noted authors & historians, the event will offer optional tours of the Saratoga Revolutionary heritage sites, compelling speaker panels, breakfast & lunch, plus time to enjoy the amenities Saratoga has to offer.

Revolutionary War reenactors standing near a sign that reads, "Battles of Saratoga 250: The battles that changed the world"
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America’s Turning Point @ the Saratoga County Fair

Saratoga County Fairgrounds

Combine family fun at the fair with our 18th century era games, live reenactors, and try out our America's Turning Point augmented reality 3-D images of figures from Saratoga's Revolutionary history.

A man and woman standing behind a wreath stand decorated like the American flag
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Annual Wreath Laying Ceremony

Saratoga National Historical Park (Stop 2 on the Tour Road)

Honor Saratoga's Revolutionary patriots and the heritage of their victory with the local Daughters & Sons of the American Revolution. The DAR Monument marks the legacy of the pivotal victory here.

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Saratoga Siege Weekend

Saratoga National Historical Park & local Community historic sites

A two-day, multi-site event on NYS Path Through History weekend, living historians deliver family fun activities for the whole family. Experience 18th century civilian and encampment life at the historic 1777 Schuyler House. Witness military reenactment at the Saratoga Battlefield itself. Stay tuned & plan to make it a fun fall weekend in Saratoga!

sword surrender
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Saratoga Surrender Day Ceremony

The British defeat at Saratoga forced the first ever surrender by a British Army in history. Its news buoyed General Washington & America's fight for freedom, ultimately leading to formal alliance with France. Come join area students celebrating the spirit of Saratoga & preserve the importance of Saratoga's victory for future generations!

Battles of Saratoga: America's Turning Point (1777-2027)
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Surrender Day Gala Celebration


The Victory at Saratoga stopped the advance of the British & saved America's fight for freedom. It was the first ever surrender of a British Army. Saratoga was America's Turning Point. Join us to celebrate & toast Saratoga's lasting legacy annually on the this day of Gen. John Burgoyne's surrender to American General Gates.

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Revolutionary Run for Veterans

Fort Hardy Park

America's Turning Point will have a presence at the Saratoga County Revolutionary Run for Veterans, a 5k run which benefits Saratoga County Veterans. The event takes place at Fort Hardy Park in Schuylerville.

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