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Whether you're a history buff or looking for a memorable getaway, the Saratoga region has something for everyone to discover and enjoy.

Find out about touring the battlefields and other historic sites. With a rich offering of added things-to-do–from dining out, shopping, hiking, visiting museums and going to the race tracks–a getaway to truly gorgeous Saratoga will not disappoint!

Close up of a historical cannon with fields and mountains in the background

Visit the Battlefield

Explore where history was made and connect with the events that led to America’s Turning Point at the beautiful Saratoga National Historical Park. Visit the Schuyler Estate. See where Benedict Arnold was “commemorated” with little more than a monument of a boot. Hike through Victory Woods where the British Army, retreating north from the Americans, made their final defense before surrendering. View the history-rich visitor center exhibits, where you can also find maps and trail guides for exploring the battlefield and surrounding area, including ridgetop views of the Hudson River.

Don’t miss the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of history and discover the stories of the people who fought and died here.

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Other Historic Sites

Discover more Saratoga region history with a visit to notable historic and cultural sites in the area. Find local museums, markers, and destinations, including the Schuyler House and the Saratoga Monument.

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When did Saratoga battlegrounds become a National Park?

Museums and Other Places of Interest

The Capital-Saratoga Region of Upstate New York is brimming with history and related places of interest including:

View of the The Schuyler House property from the front

Places to Stay, Restaurants, Shopping & Retail

Discover Saratoga for Places to Stay, Restaurants & Shopping

Experience the best of Saratoga beyond the history books. Discover unique lodging, local eateries, and boutique shopping options that cater to your interests and budget. Unwind in the charm of this historic region and create lasting memories.