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It's not too strong to say victory at Saratoga saved America's fight for freedom. John Trumbull's painting of the Surrender of General Burgoyne

In the fall of 1777, two armies clashed on the fields of Saratoga in upstate New York, marking a pivotal moment in the American Revolution. The Continental Army under the charge of General Horatio Gates, supported by state militias, native allies, and including hundreds of freed slaves, faced off against British General John Burgoyne and his forces. The outcome of this battle would not only determine the fate of the American Revolution but also change the course of world history.

The Battles of Saratoga were a series of engagements that took place from September 19th to October 7th, resulting in a siege and the first-ever surrender by a British army on the field of battle on October 17, 1777. The American victory at Saratoga was a turning point in the Revolutionary War, as it convinced France to ally with the United States, substantially aiding the eventual victory over the British.

Today, the legacy of the Battles of Saratoga continues to inspire Americans and people around the world to fight for freedom, justice, and democracy.

Revolutionary War & Battles Historic Timeline

Explore the key moments of America's War for Independence and discover the rich history of Saratoga's role as the Turning Point of the Revolution. Follow our interactive timeline and journey through the battles and people who shaped our nation’s path to freedom. Learn how their courage and sacrifices continue to inspire and guide us today.

Paper with torn edges and a digital rendering of the signing of the Declaration of Independence

July 2, 1776

The Second Continental Congress votes to break political ties with Great Britain. The Declaration of Independence is published on July 4, 1776.

Paper with torn edges and a digital rendering of Revolutionary era soliders

September 11, 1777

In the largest battle of the war, the Battle of Brandywine, Washington's army is driven from the from the field. British forces occupy Philadelphia two weeks later.

Paper with torn edges and a digital rendering of an 18th century town on a river

September 15, 1776

New York City falls to the British.

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Untold Stories

The stories behind the Battles of Saratoga are as captivating as its "Turning Point" namesake. America's infamous traitor, Benedict Arnold, was arguably the unsung hero behind this pivotal American victory. Angeline Tubbs, an English teen abandoned in the Saratoga wilderness by her British soldier fiancé after the British forces' historic surrender, went on to become the legendary "Witch of Saratoga".

Monument for General Burgoyne's boot

Benedict Arnold Gets “The Boot”

An infamous American traitor, Gen. Benedict Arnold ironically played a heroic role in the Battles of Saratoga. Read about why he is remembered at the battlefield with a boot.

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Painted portrait of Philip Schuyler

The Notorious Schuyler Sisters’… Dad

While the play Hamilton has made the three-peas-in-a-pod “Schuyler Sisters” a household name, their father, Philip, may not enjoy the same 21st century fame despite playing a key role in the ultimate success of the Battles of Saratoga.

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Painted portrait of a baroness woman

The War Diary of a Baroness

In her "Memoir of a Hessian Officer's Wife," a baroness and wife of a Hessian commander fighting for the British provides a unique a glimpse into the daily life, struggles and triumphs of a woman living in a war-torn land.

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Upcoming Events

Revolutionary War reenactors standing near a sign that reads, "Battles of Saratoga 250: The battles that changed the world"
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America’s Turning Point @ the Saratoga County Fair

Saratoga County Fairgrounds

Combine family fun at the fair with our 18th century era games, live reenactors, and try out our America's Turning Point augmented reality 3-D images of figures from Saratoga's Revolutionary history.

Battles of Saratoga: America's Turning Point (1777-2027)
Event date

Turning Point Parade

Join our friends at The Turning Point Parade & Festival to celebrate America's victory that changed the world in 1777. Building community around this world-altering event, view the parade from the ground where British forces were surrounded, laid siege, and forced to make their first-ever surrender.

A man and woman standing behind a wreath stand decorated like the American flag
Event date

Annual Wreath Laying Ceremony

Saratoga National Historical Park (Stop 2 on the Tour Road)

Honor Saratoga's Revolutionary patriots and the heritage of their victory with the local Daughters & Sons of the American Revolution. The DAR Monument marks the legacy of the pivotal victory here.

Event date

Saratoga Siege Weekend

Saratoga National Historical Park & local Community historic sites

A two-day, multi-site event on NYS Path Through History weekend, living historians deliver family fun activities for the whole family. Experience 18th century civilian and encampment life at the historic 1777 Schuyler House. Witness military reenactment at the Saratoga Battlefield itself. Stay tuned & plan to make it a fun fall weekend in Saratoga!

Event date

Saratoga Surrender Day Ceremony

The British defeat at Saratoga forced the first ever surrender by a British Army in history. Its news buoyed General Washington & America's fight for freedom leading to formal alliance with France. Join area students celebrating the spirit of Saratoga & preserve the importance of Saratoga's victory for generations! Photos: Tom Stock photography

Battles of Saratoga: America's Turning Point (1777-2027)
Event date

Surrender Day Celebration


The Victory at Saratoga stopped the advance of the British & saved America's fight for freedom. It was the first ever surrender of a British Army. Saratoga was America's Turning Point. Join us to celebrate & toast Saratoga's lasting legacy annually on the this day of Gen. John Burgoyne's surrender to American General Gates.

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Revolutionary Run for Veterans

Fort Hardy Park

America's Turning Point will have a presence at the Saratoga County Revolutionary Run for Veterans, a 5k run which benefits Saratoga County Veterans. The event takes place at Fort Hardy Park in Schuylerville.

Battles of Saratoga: America's Turning Point (1777-2027)
Event date

Saratoga Siege Weekend

Saratoga National Historical Park & local Community historic sites

Battles of Saratoga: America's Turning Point (1777-2027)
Event date

Saratoga Siege Weekend

Saratoga National Historical Park & local Community historic sites

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